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Conference images

Here are some images from NHPA2017, 7-8 March 2017 in Prague.

Conference programme

7 March 2017 9:00-17:40 

Session One:             Performance nonwovens - why and how?

Introduction, aims and themes of the conference, Adrian Wilson, Conference Chair

Keynote: How a traditional German textiles company transformed itself into a 21st Century leader in engineered nonwovens and technical textiles, Detlev Käppel, Director SalesTenowo GmbH (Germany) 

Plenary: Findings from two major market studies on nonwovens, Adrian Wilson, Technical Textiles International/Sustainable Nonwovens (UK) 

Session Two:             Pioneering applications—pushing the limits of possibility

Plenary: Nonwovens for energy storage, Hjalmar Granberg, Senior Research Associate, Innventia AB (Sweden)

Plenary: Flexible circuit boards based on advanced nonwoven substrates, Marc Jolly, Head of Development, Norafin (Germany) 

Presentation Abstracts

Day One: 7 March 2017 

Session One:             Performance nonwovens - why and how?

Keynote: How a traditional German textiles company transformed itself into a 21st Century leader in engineered nonwovens and technical textiles, Detlev KäppelTenowo GmbH (Germany)

How did a manufacturer of traditional textiles need to adapt in order to provide nonwovens for high-performance applications for customers in the automotive, filtration, composite and industrial sectors?
What lessons were learned during this transformation? 
How can these lessons be applied to other companies seeking new markets? 
How did the company develop its range of highly engineered nonwovens?

Findings from two major market studies on nonwovens, Adrian WilsonTechnical Textiles International/Sustainable Nonwovens (UK)

What are analysts saying about two of the key markets for high-performance nonwovens: automotive and filtration?
What is happening to the global industry for automotive supplies, and what are the drivers behind the profound changes in this sector?
Why is the automotive industry increasing its use of nonwovens so dramatically?
Why is the filtration market so important for manufacturers of high-performance nonwovens?
How are developments in the filtration sector having an impact on other end-uses?

Speaker biographies

Adrian Wilson, Conference Chair, Technical Textiles International and Sustainable Nonwovens (UK)

Long-time industry specialist Adrian Wilson has written and edited numerous nonwovens and related publications including Nonwovens Report International. He currently writes for Sustainable Nonwovens and Technical Textiles International and edits Smart Textiles and Nanotechnologies.


Detlev Käppel, Director Sales Department, Tenowo GmbH (Germany) - Keynote

Detlev Käppel has a degree in Engineering and a MBA in General Management, with 25 years' work experience in the industry. Mr Käppel is currently Global Sales Director and also General Manager at Tenowo Huzhou New Materials, Zhejiang, China of technical nonwovens and composite products for various industries such as automotive, filtration, construction etc.


Michael EffingChairman of the Board, Composites Germany & AVK, Founder and CEO, AMAC GmbH (Germany) - Keynote

Michael Effing has a PhD in Mechanical Engineering from the University of Technology Aachen (RWTH), Germany. His specialist field is Polymers/Composites.

Dr Effing has 25 years' experience as a strategic and innovative Executive Manager with a key focus on Marketing & Sales Excellence, with extensive international experience in executive positions with global Industry leaders such as DuPont, Berkshire Hathaway, Owens Corning, Huntsman and DSM.

Michael Effing is the Founder & Managing Director of AMAC GmbH; Chairman of the Board of Composites Germany, Berlin, and  Chairman of the Board of the Federation of Reinforced Plastics AVK, Frankfurt. He is also a Board Member and Vice President of the Polymer Plastics Trade Association GKV in Bad Homburg, Germany and Board Member of Composites Europe.


The International Conference on Nonwovens for High-performance Applications is a high-level, commercially focussed symposium which addresses the issues of entering and expanding in the advanced nonwovens market.

This conference is a unique symposium designed to inform delegates about latest technical developments and opportunities offered from technical nonwovens for high-performance applications. 

  • Commodity nonwovens are an established technology, with increasing competition from low-cost producers
  • The use of nonwovens for high-performance applications is a growing area and one with high returns
  • Companies are restricted from growing or even entering these markets because they lack the necessary skills to develop new markets and new manufacturing techniques
  • This meeting informs the audience of those areas needed to address to achieve this aim, with examples of successful transitions, discussion of the best markets to choose, as well as presentations of new technologies, manufacturing techniques and materials

Comments from previous editions

The Third International Conference on Nonwovens for High-performance Applications will be held on 7-8 March 2017 at the Novotel Praha Wenceslas Square in Prague, Czech Republic.

Speakers from senior positions in some of the most influential companies in this sector from around the world will gather in Prague to present to delegates.

The first and second editions of the meeting in 2014 and 2015 proved a great success with those who attended, with very good feedback and comments from both delegates and exhibitors and speakers:

Feedback from NHPA2015

Significant growth anticipated for high-performance nonwovens

Feedback from the first NHPA conference 2014

The first conference on nonwovens for high-performance applications highlights innovation and diversification

New concepts, commercial development and added-value were the emerging themes from the presentations given to delegates over the two day Conference on Nonwovens for High-performance Applications in Cannes, France on 5-6 March 2014.


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