Comments from previous NHPA delegates




"This conference is one of the best global networks for high-performance nonwovens regarding technique diversity and worldwide origins. I was surprised again this year about the  active innovation results which each manufacturer or machine companies has demonstrated during the conference. New materials are sometimes coming from nonwovens to create new structures, taking advantages of nonwovens but sometimes to reach a new construction and new performances.

The excellence of this conference is also validated by the presence of Indian, American and Australian people coming to Cannes".


"It was nice to be at a nonwovens conference where the word 'diaper' wasn't even mentioned once."


"It was a great conference. I saw many interesting presentations and had several promising discussions with industrial representatives. I think the conference helped to generate interesting project ideas and establish new promising contacts (for both sides)".


"The conference was outstanding. I am convinced that all who attended went back to their companies with new insights into the strategic, market and technical opportunities in nonwovens for high performance applications, and of course with many new contacts. Attendance was time very well spent".


"I think NHPA delivered everything that was expected.  An excellent venue & catering and technical program consisted of applications with new technology - information as to what and how rather than the science speak we see too much of. Truly a conference for companies that are in the business of making things or helping people making things!

A refreshing and informative 2 days that flew by with many interesting leads to follow up on. Well put together and a credit to the organizers!  We will be watching the emails for the next NHPA".


"I really enjoyed the NHPA conference; an excellent balance between academic research and industrial innovation. I've come back with a few innovative ideas and made some great contacts that will help move our business forward".


"The conference was very valuable from the contents of the paper presented with a large spectrum from raw material, equipment and applications. High technical level of papers with innovative solutions proposed. This was also very good in terms of business links as most of the symposium are usually for commodities applications for the hygiene industry. This is very helpful to exchange ideas and promote opportunities for high tech nonwovens applications. People present were from various markets and countries which really gives a good market representation".


"It was a great pleasure to attend NHPA last week. A good platform for meeting, learning and discussing new opportunities for nonwovens in various markets. I went back with lots of new ideas. Great thanks to a perfect organization".

"A good place to understand the future trends of the non-woven industry".


"We made some new interesting business contacts and I think, that could be a great opportunity for new development steps with partners from the industry to commercialize this new technology/ material.  It was a great location and the planning of the conference was commendable. Many thanks and I look forward for participating next year".  


"This year as last year, the introduction session was well done and really interesting. Market trends are from big interests for innovative companies as Norafin. Therefore a compiled overview, trends and mega trends are valuable. I enjoy the contacts with other colleagues of the industries".


"The conference was for me the chance to have an access to some relevant technical developments available in nonwovens field. I mean, there are so many conferences around the world dealing with nonwovens, but they are often oriented to new products/developments in commodities markets. The talks I attended at NHPA were, in fact, more oriented to the study of technical developments that could be interesting and ideally achievable for even medium size companies (maybe in cooperation with other groups/research institutes) to compete in unexplored or niche markets".


"I definitely enjoyed the very professionally organised event, high level of speakers and presentation as well as very valuable input and inspiration given".


"I thought the conference was a very worthwhile event.  The speakers and content they shared were very relevant to the challenges we face as an industry.   Furthermore, the explanation of potential high performance NW opportunities and chance to network also made this event meaningful".


"I thought the conference provided a broad range, be it end use or topics, on some very novel applications of nonwovens into new uses, some with great market potential. I was impressed by the quality and variety of the speakers and made some useful industry contacts during the conference as well".


"The mix between industry veterans and young researcher was very good. It gave a good view of how things are at the moment in the industry. The topics covered were broad and therefore very useful in expanding the scope and framework of possibilities. Some of the topics covered were too much into technical experimental details. I think this isn’t very interesting and useful to the wider audience as there are people from such varied functional background. The best approach for such presentations is generally to give a broad overview and present the importance of the project and the overarching future scope of the new development.

Overall, I was quite satisfied with the conference and would like to attend the next one".


"This was the first NHPA conference for me. It was a well organised and provided a comprehensive overview of some not-so standard applications and business areas in nonwovens. Further it was an excellent opportunity to network with high level management, in areas which we do not get in contact on other events with more specific background".


"I found the topics put forward in the conference had been expertly chosen and its professionally organized coverage to cover almost all updated sector in modern world nonwoven industry, those in production and under development alike. I am keen in transferring technology on any good topics to our counterparts in this part of the world, thus networking was actively done in my part".


"The Conference was a very useful event and very informative.  It gave a real sense of the full breadth of nonwoven use and developments.  It allowed a diverse range of companies and businesses to come together, who perhaps would not normally be associated.  A number of interesting contacts were made and we are hopeful that there may be business opportunities in these. The conference as a whole would have been beneficial to a number of my colleagues as well, who due to the timing were unable to attend.  It is certainly an event I would try to encourage them to attend in the future".


"I appreciated the conference a lot. It was well organized in a pleasant atmosphere of Cannes and to me a perfect introduction into a new world of nonwovens. Meeting people, exchanging ideas, inspiring that is what I was looking for and found at the NHPA".


"It was  indeed a very wonderful experience in presenting a paper at the Second International on High Performance Applications of Nonwovens organised during 4-5 March, 2015 at Cannes, France. I would like to state here that the conference was really interesting and was very useful for developing the business links, valuable both in terms of technical and commercial terms".