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Explore SAF

SAF™ is a fibre with super absorbent properties.  White and odourless, it can be produced in a range of absorbency grades, staple lengths and decitex. The fibre is made utilising a unique process by Technical Absorbents Ltd.

The core function of SAF™ is to absorb. The fibres can absorb up to 200 times their own weight in water and 60 times their own weight in saline, extremely quickly, and absorption rates can be tailored during the manufacturing process.

SAF™ can be processed with other staple fibres and converted into a range of high performance nonwoven fabrics. Longer staple fibres can also be spun into yarns, which can then be further processed into woven fabrics or net structures.

SAF™ technology is already widely used as a super absorbent component in diverse range of products, from wound care and disposable hygiene to food packaging and cables.

To find out more, please email [email protected] or call +44(0)1472245200.