Speaker Biographies INDEX™ seminar

Please find below the speaker biographies for the half-day seminar on Smart Nonwovens -  High-performance Applications of nonwovens. This will take place on 20 October 2021 in INDEX™ Lab, Room W (Hall 3) at 14:30 - 17:05, Geneva, Switzerland.


Adrian Wilson
Seminar Chair, Technical Textiles International magazine (UK)

Experienced industry specialist Adrian Wilson has written and edited numerous nonwovens and related publications including Nonwovens Report International. He currently writes for Sustainable Nonwovens and Technical Textiles International and edits Smart Textiles and Nanotechnologies.

Dr Hjalmar Granberg
Senior Scientist
RISE Research Institutes of Sweden

Hjalmar Granberg has a PhD in Physics and works as a Senior Scientist, Bioeconomy and Health, Avdelning Material and Surface Design and Enhet Smart Materials at RISE. His work focuses on research and innovation of new biobased materials from the forest. Recent work includes production of textile-like materials on the paper machine, biobased memory materials for shape-shifting packaging applications and the integration of electronics with cellulose. In his work Hjalmar Granberg often explores the potential of new materials in close collaboration with designers, hence connecting user needs and technology perspectives at an early stage.


Marc Jolly
Head of Research & Development, Norafin Industries (Germany) GmbH (Germany)

After graduating with a degree in Textile Engineering, Marc Jolly had five years’ experience in the after-treatment industry. He first became involved with nonwovens in 2001 and today he is head of research and development (R&D) for Norafin.


Dr Amit Rawal
Professor, Department of Textile and Fibre Engineering, Head of Research & Development, Indian Institute of Technology Delhi (India)

Amit Rawal obtained his Ph.D in technical textiles from The University of Bolton, UK. He also received Masters of Philosophy from The University of Manchester, UK. He is a recipient of the Alexander von Humboldt Research Fellowship for experienced researchers for carrying out research work in the area of nonwovens in Germany. Recently, he has been awarded Fulbright-Nehru Academic and Professional Excellence Fellowship to initiate collaboration with the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, USA. In addition, he has received numerous awards, including Young Researcher Fellowship from prestigious M.I.T, Cambridge for exemplary research in Computational Mechanics, Fellowship of the Textile Institute, CSIR special research award, and Outstanding Young Faculty Fellowship by Indian Institute of Technology, Delhi (IITD). Currently, he is working as Professor at the Department of Textile and Fibre Engineering, IIT Delhi. He has published more than 100 publications in various journals and conferences in the field of nonwoven and braided materials. He has developed various three-dimensional (3D) analytical models for predicting geometrical, mechanical, and wetting properties of various nonwoven and allied structures. His research interests are not only limited to structure, mechanics, and wetting behavior of textile and allied materials but also focused on the structure-property relationship of buckypapers, electrospun mats, low surface energy superhydrophobic fibrous mats, geotextiles, composites, auxetic, piezoresistive, and piezoelectric materials.



James Docherty 
Product Development Specialist
Technical Absorbents Ltd, UK

James has worked in the nonwoven industry for the past 11 years.  As part of the TAL team he has worked with their unique Super Absorbent Fibre (SAF), developing numerous novel uses for the fibre within many different and varied application areas. James trained as a Chemist at the University of York, graduating with a Master’s Degree in Chemistry.  He has since spent the last 18 years working in process, product and application development, bringing a technical and methodical approach to development work.

Dr John Rose
Product Development Director
Technical Absorbents Ltd, UK

John heads up the product Development Team at TAL. His team delivers expert advice and absorbency solutions utilising our in house Super Absorbent Fibres in numerous forms, including fabrics and yarns.  He is an experienced PhD Materials Chemist with over 15 years’ experience in driving product development, process improvements and providing strategic technical advice to global companies in a number of sectors.


Jérôme Ville
CEO, Fibroline SA (France)

Jérôme Ville has worked with Fibroline in various roles over the past 16 years, from product development, new technology business development, technology transfer, and now as CEO. His current role involves general management of the company, definition and implementation of the company strategy with the Board of Directors, directing business development, sales and negotiation of license agreements, marketing and communication.


Dr Ross Ward
New Business Development Manager, Nonwovens Innovation & Research Institute Ltd (NIRI) (UK) 

Dr Ross Ward obtained a MSc and an EPSRC iCASE funded PhD from the University of Leeds and a BSc(Hons) in Sports Technology from Loughborough University. Dr Ward's PhD was focused on developing novel materials for military Chemical, Biological, Radiological, Nuclear and High Yield Explosive (CBRNe) protective clothing and was sponsored by the Defence Science and Technology Laboratory (DSTL).

Dr Ward has also gained experience as an Innovation Consultant, working with the UK Fire and Police Services and his main interests are automotive, defence and medical innovation.

With over 7 years’ experience, managing grant, consultancy and collaboration projects, Ross Ward is responsible for new business development at NIRI - Nonwoven Innovation Research Institute.