A message from the Conference Director

Textile coatings and laminations are part of the products we use every day. They  touch virtually every facet of our lives. Most have no idea of the industry, so many applications are unseen by the consumer. If not an integral part of the products themselves (waterproof materials, automotive interiors), many are used in the manufacture of other products (conveyor belts).

The industry has exploded and new technology made possible new products we could not imagine a few years ago – and the growth of new technology continues. Those are reasons for the long-running success of The International Conference on Textile Coating and Laminating, now over 27 years. TCL2019, Berlin highlighted many of the evolving concerns and technology in our industry.

If you are part of the industry in any way, at any point in the supply chain, producer or even designer or user, you should consider attending the next TCL. We'd love to see you there.  ---    Bill Smith, Industrial Textile Associates, Conference Director, TCL