Previous TCL conferences

Over the past 28 years, the International Conference on Textile Coating and Laminating has built a reputation as a vital meeting place for the worldwide coating and laminating industry.

TCL is a venue for practical presentations focussing on what is happening in the industry currently and in the future. Presentations are supplemented by intensive discussion sessions actively led by the session chairs and the events offer excellent networking opportunities for ideas and business.

To give a flavour of the subjects covered at TCL, below are some highlights from previous programmes and images from recent events, the Proceedings for which are available to purchase, see below for further details.

TCL2017 (Berlin, Germany)

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TCL2016 (Prague, Czech Republic)

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TCL2014 (Cannes, France)

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TCL2012 (Valencia, Spain) 


Session chairman: Bill Smith (Industrial Textiles Associates)
Keynote presentation: Global expansion through sustainability and social responsibility
Daniel R. Dwight, President, Cooley Group, Pawtucket, RI, USA 

Coating and laminating technology review
Randy E. Meirowitz, PhD, RnD Solutions, San Diego, CA USA

The European coating and laminating sector
Ariadna Detrell, Cluster Manager, Agrupació d’Empreses Innovadores Tèxtils, Terrassa (Barcelona), Spain 

Nonwovens for coating and laminating– a growing worldwide market
George Kellie, Director, KellieSolutions, Cheshire, UK 

Sustainable coating technologies for the factory of the future - future visions
Marc Van Parys, Head of Textile Department and Research Lab TO2C, Ghent, Belgium

Session chairman: Thomas Kolbusch
Innovative powder impregnation technology
Jérôme Ville, Business Development & Sales Manager, Fibroline France SARL, France 

Comparison of different adhesive application methods in the technical textile industry
Stephan Schultheis, Manager Nonwoven & Distribution, ITW Dynatec, Germany

Low temperature activation / high temperature resistant lamination using 100% solids adhesive
Michiel van Duijn, Business Manager Textiles, MORCHEM, Barcelona, Spain

Application of novel atmospheric plasma machine for textiles
Illya Kulyk, Veneto Nanotech Scpa. Venice, Italy

Session chairman: Randy Meirowitz
Development in environmental laminating processes and laminated products
Karl Lansu, Director Marketing and Sales, Klieverik Heli B.V., Oldenzaal, The Netherlands 

High technical films and membranes for laminated products
Frans Goossens, Marketing and Sales Manager, Fait Plast Spa, Brescia, Italy 

Nano Textiles: What can be expected from it?
Dirk Hegemann, Empa, Swiss Federal Laboratories for Materials Science and Technology, St. Gallen, Switzerland

An eco friendly applicator – economic aspects and creative potential
Jürgen Hanel, Business Development Manager Technical Textiles, A. Monforts Textilmaschinen GmbH & Co. KG, Mönchengladbach, Germany

Commercializing technology – printed electronics: a field of the future for coating
Thomas Kolbusch, Vice President, Coatema Coating Machinery GmbH, Dormangen, Germany 

New potentials and emerging markets for the traditional coating sector
Joost Wille, R&D Director, Sioen Coating, Ardooie, Belgium

Session chairman: Bill Smith
Application of biobased and biodegradable materials in textile coating
David De Smet, Centexbel, Technologiepark, Zwijnaarde, Belgium

Introduction of biocides into coated fabrics – a study of insect repellent and insecticide coatings for textile applications
Helena Esteve, LEITAT Technological Center, Terrassa (Barcelona), Spain 

Fibrous transistors: influence of substrate size on copper layer deposition, stability and roughness
Lina Rambausek, Ghent University, Department of Textiles, Ghent, Belgium

TCL2011 (Orlando, Florida USA)

Presentations covered some of the following topics:

Environmentally conscious production methods, effective product development of multifunctional technical textiles, microencapsulation technology, conductive textiles, plasma technology, nanofibres, ultrasonic welding, liquid Super Absorbent Polymers.  

TCL2010 (Cannes, France)

The first time TCL was held in the Hotel Novotel Montfleury, Cannes.

The sessions at TCL2010 covered the following areas:

Adhesion/Bonding systems for Coating and Laminating, Techniques and Materials, Technology for Growth and Opportunities.

Full Programmes for TCL2011 is listed here and TCL2010 is listed here

The Proceedings are available to purchase from TCL2010 (Cannes, France) and TCL2011 (Orlando, FL USA) on CD-ROMs including audio recordings of the presentations and discussion sessions as well as slide shows of the presentations themselves.

The Conference Presentations from TCL2012 (Valencia, Spain) are available in pdf format on a CD-Rom (€414/£325/$549).

As a special offer all three CDs can be purchased (€828/£650/$1098).

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