Day One:             8 November 2017, 09:00 – 17:40


09:00-09:05         Welcome to TCL2017: Adrian Wilson, Conference Chair, Editor, Smart Textiles and Nanotechnology (UK) with an introduction from William C. (Bill) Smith, Conference Director, ITA (USA)


09:05-9:45           KEYNOTE: Digitization and Industry 4.0 - individualization, quality and sustainability
Elgar Straub, Managing Director, 
VDMA Textile Care, Fabric and Leather Technologies (Germany)

                                Followed by Q&A hosted by Adrian Wilson, Conference Chair


SESSION ONE:   Novel applications and markets

Session Chair: Yvonne Heinen-Foudeh, Marketing Director EMEA, Gerber Technology (Germany)


09:45-10:05         Large-area printed electronics, bridging the gap to textiles
Regina Reuscher, Director of Projects, 
Coatema Coating Machinery GmbH (Germany)


10:10-10:30         Flexible circuit boards based on advanced nonwoven substrates
Friedhelm Jacobi, Research & Development Project Manager, Norafin Industries (Germany) GmbH (Germany)


10:30-11:00         Refreshment break


11:00-11:20         Environmentally friendly flame-retardant coatings
Rule Niederstadt, Owner and Managing Director, 
Ecoatech GmbH (Germany)


11:25-11:45         Novel atmospheric plasma/UV laser technology for developing durable flame retardant textiles
A. Richard Horrocks, Professor in Textile Science,
University of Bolton (UK)


11:45-12:15         Forum discussion Session One


12:15-13:45         Lunch


SESSION TWO:  The latest machinery developments and their potential for the industry

Session Chair: Fikri Alemdaroglu, Business Manager Surface Modification, Daikin Chemical Europe GmbH (Germany)

13:45-14:05         Contemporary cutting concepts - automation simply stated
Yvonne Heinen-Foudeh, Marketing Director EMEA, 
Gerber Technology (Germany)

14:10-14:30         Prepreg composites: coating and machinery
Barry Goodwin, Managing Director, 
Amba Projex (UK)


14:35-14:55         Advances in coating heads for textile coating and lamination
Jürgen Hanel, Director Technical Textiles, 
Monforts Textilmaschinen (Germany)


15:00-15:30         Forum discussion Session Two


15:30-16:00         Refreshment break


SESSION THREE: Case studies - commercializing coated and laminated products

Session Chair: Adrian Wilson, Editor, Smart Textiles and Nanotechnology (UK)


16:00-16:20         Working with your supply chain to get a project moving
Joseph Poterala, President, 
Mascoe Systems (USA) (substituted)


16:25-16:45         From concept to commercialization in five years
Gary Selwyn, President and Founder, 
Green Theme Technologies (USA)


16:50-17:10         Protecting innovation: the fabric of a growing business
Deborah Maxwell, European Patent Attorney, 
Potter Clarkson LLP (UK)


17:10-17:40         Forum discussion Session Three


18:00-19:00         CONFERENCE RECEPTION – Drinks and canapes in the Novotel


Day Two:             9 November 2017, 08:30 – 16:50


08:30-09:15         KEYNOTE: The bluesign® system: managing inputs, responsible actions, uniting the supply chain

Jill Dumain, CEO, bluesign technologies ag (Switzerland)

Followed by Q&A hosted by Adrian Wilson, Conference Chair


SESSION FOUR: Cutting-edge technologies creating new opportunities

Session Chair: Barry Goodwin, Managing Director, Amba Projex (UK)

09:15-09:35         Paradigm shift in textiles fi­nishing through spray application
Per Stenflo, Vice President Product Line Spray, 
Baldwin Technology Company (Sweden)


09:40-10:00         The latest in dry powder impregnation technology
Jérôme Ville, CEO, 
Fibroline SA (France)


10:00-10:30         Refreshment break


10:30-10:50         Sono-coating of textiles (acoustic cavitation) with antibacterial nanoparticles
Aharon Gedanken, Department of Chemistry, 
Bar-Ilan University (Israel)


10:55-11:15         Haptic - a technology for creating three dimensional (3D) coating solutions

Thomas Schmidt, Director of Innovation and RSL, Huafeng Textile Group (China)


11:20-11:40         Enzymatic polymerization: polysaccharides and applications in textile coatings
Christian Lenges, Business Development, BioMaterials
DuPont Industrial BioSciences (USA)


11:40-12:10         Forum discussion Session Four


12:10-13:45         Lunch


SESSION FIVE:   Sustainablity issues and the evolution of materials to meet these demands 

Session Chair: Gary Selwyn, President and Founder, Green Theme Technologies (USA)

13:45-14:05         Competence with polyurethane adhesive systems
Stefan Denschlag,
Kleiberit (Germany)


14:10-14:30         The sustainability programme of the polyvinyl chloride value chain in Europe
Stefan Eingärtner, Technical Director, 
VinylPlus (Belgium)


14:35-14:55         The impact on industry of switching from solvent systems to waterborne chemicals
Thomas Michaelis, Head of Textile Coating EM/LA, 
Covestro Deutschland AG (Germany)


14:55-15:25         Refreshment break


15:25-15:45         New polyurethane solutions for the textile industry
Anita Barni, R&D Textile Department, 
ICAP-SIRA Chemicals and Polymers SpA (Italy)


15:50-16:10         Applications of fluorinated fi­nishes
Fikri Alemdaroglu, Business Manager Surface Modification, 
Daikin Chemical Europe GmbH (Germany)


16:10-16:50         Forum discussion Session Five followed by conference closing remarks, Adrian Wilson, Conference Chair