Sustainable Finishing of Textiles conference images

Day One: 30 September 2021

The first of four Keynote presentations was delivered by Phil Patterson, Managing Director, Colour Connections, UK; Chairman of the ZDHC MRSL Advisory Council (chemical inputs) and the ZDHC Wastewater Council, The Netherlands; Chairman of the Microfibre Consortium, UK
On a knife edge - making quality textiles responsibly followed by Q&A.

Adrian Wilson, Conference Chair, Technical Textiles International, UK then gave an introduction and overview of the textile finishing industry:
Emerging technologies and processes - can they truly provide sustainable manufacturing?


Lance Li, Senior Formulation Chemist of Textile and Liquid Formulations, R&D, Microban International Inc, USA 
Sustainable alternatives for odour control on garments

Elisabete Silva, Head of Innovation, Mehler Engineered Products GmbH, Germany
An innovative, bio-based adhesive for mechanical rubber goods

Theo Verweerden, CEO, and Joris van Tongerloo, Business Development, Lamoral Coatings BV, The Netherlands
Sustainable, durable water-repellent treatments

Panel discussion with the speakers, moderated by Adrian Wilson.

Adrian with Theo Verweerden, Joris van Tongerloo and Lance Li and Elisabete Silva (not on video).

DAY TWO: Started with the second Keynote presentation from Dr Catherine Tubb, Senior Investment Analyst, Planet Tracker, UK
Beyond the Brands: unpicking investor risk & opportunity in the textile supply chain


Rick Stanford, VP Global Business Development - Textiles, Baldwin Technology, USA
Revolutionizing and applying real sustainability to the Textile Finishing Department

Kushtrim Daci, Application Expert, Weber Ultrasonics AG, Germany
Sonopower textile - cut operating costs and resource use by around a third

Ricardo Vega Ayora, Project Engineer, ITA Academy GmbH, Germany
Autonomous asset yet optimization for the reduction of energy consumption in the finishing process of textile wristbands

Martin Flora, VP Business Development and Founder, Green Theme Technologies Inc, USA
Water-free textile manufacturing - insights from our water-free finishing platform

Matthew Betcher, Creative Director, Allied Feather + Down, USA
Chemical-free non-toxic treatment uses little water and makes down fast-drying

Panel discussion with conference chair, Adrian Wilson

Day Three of the conference started with the third Keynote Presentation from Peter Buttiens, CEO, ESMA - The European Specialist Printing Manufacturers Association, Belgium 
The roadmap for sustainable digital printing on textiles

Q&A with Peter Buttiens and conference Chair, Adrian Wilson

KEYNOTE TWOTricia Carey, Director Global Business Development, Lenzing, USA / Guenther Widler, Head of Technology - Denim, DyStar, Germany / Alex Penadés, Customer Manager, Jeanologia, Spain 
Collaborations for change from fibre to finish - how innovation can impact resource savings


Mary Ankeny, VP, Product Development and Implementation, Cotton Inc, USA
Reduction of resources (water, energy and chemicals) during cotton dyeing

Kasper Nossent, Managing Director, DyeCoo Textile Systems BV, The Netherlands
Industrial waterless and chemical free dyeing in supercritical carbon dioxide

Mattias Nordin, CEO, Coloreel, Sweden
Continuous thread-colouring technology for sustainable production

Panel discussion with speakers, moderated by Adrian Wilson