World Congress on Textile Coating on-demand

World Congress on Textile Coating (WCTC), view the entire event on-demand

The organisers of the successful and long-running conference series International Conference on Textile Coating and Laminating (TCL) have expanded and refocussed the event as the World Congress on Textile Coating (WCTC). The conference took place online from 11 February 2021.

In the modern textile industry, coating, surface modification and laminating are the key means to tailor textiles and nonwovens to create functional products for specific, often high-performance, applications. The expanded event took the necessary wide perspective on all these processes.

Unlike other events, this is not an academic research-based meeting, but a practical, industry-focussed conference, and participants were encouraged to share real-world problems with the assembled experts and their fellow attendees in the dedicated discussion forums.

With major speakers from around the world, looking at novel applications and processes of textile coating from a practical industry perspective, WCTC was dynamic and lively, attracting delegates from companies on every continent.

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